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Kayak Hire


Revel the opportunity to explore the lakes and get up close to the surrounding wildlife, make memories of a lifetime and share stories that you will never forget!


The principle condition of hiring the kayaks is safety! All users agree to the terms and conditions that are listed below. Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times when using the kayaks.


The kayaks are all sit-on-top. It is crucial that all users have some experience and are competent to use them. It is compulsory that all participants can swim.


Here at the Lakeside Retreat, fun is the number one goal!

Terms & Conditions of Kayak Hire at the Lakeside Retreat


- All equipment for hire is subject to availability.


- We DO NOT hire KAYAKS out to complete beginners or inexperienced paddlers, all users must assure us of their personal competence.


- The person hiring the kayak is fully responsible for the boat/equipment and their individual safety throughout the hire period.


- YOU, the individual, are responsible for your own and the rest of your group’s safety.


- Clients booking by telephone will be deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.


- T&C paperwork will be reviewed and signed on day of hire.


- All equipment must be returned in the condition that it was hired.


- Any loss or damage to any of our equipment must be paid for in full at the end of hire period.


- Anyone hiring equipment does so at their own risk and must realise their own ability and experience.


- No alcohol should be consumed prior to or during your trip on the water.


- The minimum age to hire equipment is 18. The persons hiring and in charge of people under the age of 18 will have to prove they have enough experience to look after them. No one under the age of 16 is permitted.


- Minimum group size is 2 people.


- All people hiring MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM a minimum of 50m.


- Buoyancy Aids will be provided and must be worn at all times.

Kayaking Safety Checklist

1. Have you checked your kayak for holes or damage? Every time you get on the water, you should do a quick check. Check for holes, deep scratches or general wear and tear and make any repairs to ensure your boat is watertight before heading out.

2. Have you got your buoyancy aid? These should always be worn when kayaking.

3. Have you got all your paddling equipment? Boat, paddle, BA

4. Clothing… have you got the right clothes for the job?

5. Always tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to be back, just in case they need to raise the alarm.

6. Follow the ‘Leave No Trace Principles’



1. The water you’re paddling on isn’t always as clean as it looks unfortunately.

2. Don’t drink from the water you’re paddling on. Always take water with you on the trip – remember you’ll need more in warm weather as you are exercising despite it being fun!

3. Take a good bath or shower as soon as you can once you’ve been on the water

4. Cover any cuts properly before paddling

5. Make sure you wash your hands properly, or use antibacterial spray before eating anything



1. Be Prepared; conditions on lakes can change quickly. No matter what the forecast is, be prepared. Plan your day well with all your group members. Please call us on 07715103304 or email us at if you have any questions.

2. Always bring the following with you on your journey

- Mobile Phone

- Long sleeved top

- Light waterproof top

- Suntan Lotion

- A hat

- Water & Food

- A warm change of clothing

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